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In the world of business, one is always trying to acquire a larger part of the market than the rest. Competition is a good thing and every business searches for that niche that will allow them to stay in business longer than their competition as well as give them a loyal customer base large enough and frequent enough to keep them busy for years. What would you say if I told you that the name of your business may bring in customers but will not keep them? What about the coupons, discounts and special incentives that you may offer. Would you be surprised to know that there is only one thing which will bring in customers and keep them coming back?

The main ingredient needed to bring in and keep a loyal customer base as well as given you the best form of advertisement known to business, word of mouth. This well-known ingredient is “customer service”.


This is quite easy to prove by looking at the number of restaurants in a certain vicinity and seeing how full or empty the parking lots are. Each restaurant may have a certain best selling item or items on the menu but the one thing that brings customers back each and every time is customer service. You can have the best prime rib in the world but if your customer service needs work, your parking lot will remain sparse. Not many customers are going to pay their hard earned money for the best meal in town if they are treated badly. Any business with excellent customer service can get away with selling common products and still manage to keep a loyal and in most cases growing customer base. People are more willing to loudly share their experiences out on the town if they enjoyed them but they will quietly speak if it was bad.


Take any course in business and many of them will give you a list of purposes for opening a business and the number one reason in most courses will be profit. Some where on that list will be customer service. Customer service should always be number one because with excellent customer service the profits will grow. To the majority of readers, this is nothing new but maybe getting this review will cause us to spend a little more time enhancing our customer service techniques. Treating others as we wish to be treated can never be more profitable.

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