Use a Qualified CPA to Get California Tax Incentives

Use a Qualified CPA to Get California Tax Incentives

Being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is certainly not glamorous, but the fact is that without them, business and the free enterprise system would not function nearly as well – if at all. For example – do you know how work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) can save you money? Do you even know what the meaning of WOTC California entrepreneurs who start and run businesses may be very good at marketing and experts in whatever their businesses specialize in, but they don’t always have good information on the latest regulations that govern potentially beneficial things such as the enterprise zone hiring tax credit. Small wonder: legislators change these rules and and regulations as often as average people change their socks. This is what a CPA is for: to help small businesspeople such as yourself to stay on top of rules governing the hiring tax credit, the work opportunity tax credits and other way that the law can be used to your advantage.

For example, both the federal and California offer businesses millions of dollars in tax credits to set up shop in one of forty-two areas that have been identified as economically disadvantaged; each of these is known as an enterprise zone. Hiring tax credits are rarely taken advantage of by these entrepreneurs – simply because they don’t know about them! Even those who do know about the enterprise zone hiring tax credits often understate these when they claim them. This in one good reason to have a CPA on your side.

WOTC California is another opportunity that too many entrepreneurs fail to learn about. Work opportunity tax credits are one way that the federal government is attempting to put Americans back to work while stimulating economic growth. If your business is located in certain disadvantaged areas and you are able to hire certain people who have been identified as target groups (certain minorities, veterans, ex-convicts who meet certain criteria, etc.), you can take advantage of WOTC California.

Under current economic conditions, your small-to-medium sized business needs every advantage it can get. Enterprise zone hiring tax credits and work opportunity tax credits are two ways to help your business get ahead by saving on tax liability. In addition, each time you take advantage of a hiring tax credit, you are helping your community by providing employment to someone who might otherwise have difficulty getting a job. Learn more about hiring tax credits and work opportunity tax credits by speaking with an experienced CPA today.

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